Breaking Through The Dust And Noise

A Revolutionary Way To Monitor Worksite Conditions

Being a good neighbor can be tough when you work in industries like construction, demolition and petro-chemical manufacturing. Excessive dust and noise can endanger workers and bother surrounding communities. Managing these conditions can be tedious and time-consuming – which is a challenge when projects are often time-sensitive. That’s why Casella introduced the Guardian, a web-based remote environmental monitoring system. This digital device is the first of its kind, with simultaneous, multi-parameter monitoring of both dust and noise.

The Guardian not only helps professionals ensure worksite safety and compliance with immediate alerts, it can also enact countermeasures to instantly reduce excessive dust and noise levels as they occur. The unique ability to mitigate risks in real time makes the Guardian one of the most advanced and comprehensive worksite monitoring systems available to tradesmen around the world.

This efficient system has made worksites and surrounding areas safer and more comfortable, while helping to reduce costs by avoiding code violations and on-site fines. The Guardian is another product born from the commitment Casella and the IDEAL family of companies have made to the tradesmen. With this simple, effective way to maintain optimum worksite conditions, crews can focus on the job at hand and better serve the communities where they live and work.

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