The Audacity of Audacy. It’s a game changer.

The right amount of light. The right place. The right time.
Lower energy lighting costs up to 60%. It’s simple.

It’s been called a game changer by facilities managers who know. The Audacy™ Advanced Wireless Lighting System takes large-scale lighting control to a whole new level of simplicity and savings. It lets you manage a room, a building, even an entire campus from any computer or mobile device. This simple system installs in minutes without opening a single wall and configures with just a few taps (or touches or clicks). And by delivering the right amount of light to the right place at the right time, Audacy has saved institutions like UCLA Athletics 30-60% in lighting energy costs.

It’s one more example of IDEAL INDUSTRIES’ commitment to bringing innovation to architects, electricians and facilities managers. For one hundred years we’ve been dedicated to the people who build and maintain our world.

To learn more about Audacy, including its maintenance-free 25 year battery life, please follow the link here.

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