The Little Connector That Makes a Big Difference

Helping Information Technology Professionals Answer The Call To Maximize Power Efficiency

Since being introduced in 2009, the Anderson Power Products® Saf-D-Grid® DC Power Connector has altered the landscape for some of the biggest technology companies in the world, including Cisco, HP, and IBM. It's an innovation that has allowed these companies to maximize power, safety and reliability, while significantly reducing overall energy costs. For these companies, the revolutionary Saf-D-Grid® makes a big difference.

When power is distributed throughout a network, it must be converted between A/C and D/C power several times until finally, as D/C power, it can be used by network servers and computers. However, every time these conversions take place, energy is lost and reliability is decreased. For networks that draw massive amounts of energy, like the server buildings at Facebook or Google, this lost energy and reliability can be expensive.

The APP® Saf-D-Grid® connectors help minimize power conversions by allowing D/C energy to be distributed throughout a network after just one conversion from A/C, making the network more efficient. Just as important, the unique housing and contact design of the APP® Saf-D-Grid® also make these connections safer and more reliable. In fact, the significant advantages of the Saf-D-Grid® have helped it earn special recognition from the Emerge Alliance for being one of the safest D/C connectors on the market.

The knowledge and care for the needs of the APP® customers reflects IDEAL INDUSTRIES’ values. This has allowed APP® to reimagine power conversion to improve performance for technology and internet companies alike. As the world continues to change, so will the industries that power it, and the forward-thinking philosophy of APP® will continue providing innovative solutions for generations to come.

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